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Welcome to Seiger Gfeller Laurie LLP, a law firm founded on the principle of doing things differently and better. Our mission is uncomplicated – to provide “AmLaw 100” quality legal services with a more efficient and agile business model. In contrast to the traditional law firm model, focused on the billable hour and staffing matters based on a hierarchical “pyramid,” SGL’s focus is on obtaining results for our clients in the most efficient way possible and providing excellent client service along the way.    

SGL is comprised of experienced and tenacious litigators from some of the largest international law firms. We represent clients in complex litigation spanning a variety of business markets and jurisdictions, both nationally and internationally. We also advise clients on various aspects of their respective businesses. With each engagement, our approach is premised on the following fundamental principles:

  • Collaboration: We partner with our clients. At the outset of each engagement, we focus on understanding our client’s objectives and we then work collaboratively to tailor cost-effective strategies for achieving the desired results. From the inception of a matter, our clients are part of the SGL team, and we utilize our clients as a critical resource. Our working style is collegial and laid back.  
  • Creativity / Innovation: We aim to develop an innovative approach specifically designed to reach the desired goal. In litigation, we pride ourselves on developing creative strategies and common sense themes for trial.
  • Efficiency: We staff our matters with experienced lawyers who work efficiently. At the outset of a new matter, we identify the appropriate team for its handling and maintain that continuity through the conclusion of the matter. We know that two experienced lawyers working efficiently on a matter is more cost effective than a partner and large team of less-experienced associates. Simply, we have the right talent to effectively and efficiently handle your matter.   
  • Client Service: We appreciate the challenges that our clients face. We understand that budgeting and reporting are critically important to our clients. We pride ourselves on timely and accurate reporting. Our objective is to make our clients look good and, in general, to make their lives easier.
  • Getting Results: Ultimately, it’s about results. We obtain results by providing quality work product, out-maneuvering our opponents, and thinking creatively. We have an impressive track record of resolving the most complicated matters intelligently and efficiently. We are proud of our accomplishments at trial and in settlement negotiations. Our track record of success transcends the courtroom, as we have assisted our clients in various business negotiations as well.

At SGL, we have minimized the inefficiencies of “big law” and taken advantage of current technology to reduce our overhead. That savings is passed on to our clients in the form of competitive billable rates. In addition, our non-traditional business model allows us to offer alternative billing arrangements.  

Ultimately, we enjoy what we do. We enjoy working together and with our clients. We believe that strong, collaborative personal relationships are essential to both our mutual success and satisfaction. We look forward to getting to know you, working with you, and obtaining great results on your behalf.

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