Appellate Advocacy

We recognize that an appeal demands unique skills in written and oral advocacy.

Starting with a strong foundation of experience in appellate work, SGL attorneys have built a national appellate practice to assist clients looking for the unique approach that appeals often require.

SGL attorneys have represented clients in federal and state appellate courts across the country. In recent years, our appellate attorneys have represented clients in appeals before the United States Courts of Appeals for the First and Second Circuits, and state appellate courts of Massachusetts, New York First and Second Departments, Connecticut, and Maryland.

We work with our clients on the tactical decisions – involving defending and filing appeals, appellate motions, petitions for certification and certiorari, motions for reconsideration, oral argument, and settlement negotiations – and how best to integrate those decisions into an overall litigation strategy. When trial court cases call for a pre-appeal strategy, we will work with trial counsel to provide the right advice and preparation in those cases that clients expect will lead to an appeal. We also understand the special concerns clients may have about establishing the right precedent.

This experience helps bring to bear for our clients the level of scrutiny that appellate cases warrant. We have defended hard-won trial court decisions, obtained reversals in appeals courts, and have also won appeals where we begin our representation of the client at the appellate level. Our attorneys are also prepared to provide representation in administrative appeals, expedited appeals, interlocutory appeals, amicus curiae briefs, and any other issues which may require appellate experience.





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