Banking and Financial Institution Litigation

SGL’s Banking and Financial Institution Litigation Practice Group provides cost effective legal services to clients within the financial services, and banking and lending industries regarding default related issues. SGL teams with its banking and financial institution clients to provide the tailored advice, attention to detail and responsiveness expected by clients within the financial services realm without the typical hierarchical fee and cost structure of most law firms.   

To accomplish the goals of its clients, SGL draws upon a team of seasoned litigators with years of experience advising and representing clients which range from national banking institutions to local community banks. We successfully prosecute virtually all types of default related litigation including residential and commercial foreclosure actions on behalf of secured lenders and breach of contract actions on behalf of unsecured lenders. In connection with the prosecution of a wide variety of default related legal actions on behalf of SGL’s clients, our Firm has experience advising about and handling every stage of default and collection related litigation.  SGL’s team has the requisite experience to, and regularly does, counsel our clients from an initial assessment of the strategy necessary for commencing effective litigation through briefing and argument of appeals in front of Connecticut’s highest courts.

Additionally, SGL’s experience prosecuting actions on behalf of the Firm’s financial industry clients allows us to provide advice based on substantial experience defending actions commenced by superior lienholders, whether the priority is granted by statute or otherwise, which involve mortgages or other security interests held by the Firm’s client. We have experience advising clients regarding redemptions of real property through condominium association foreclosure actions and have successfully sought other means of recovery of debts owing to financial institutions and lenders where a mortgage or other secured lien was rendered ineffective by a priority claim. 

Along with a wide breadth of litigation experience representing financial services and banking clients, SGL’s team also has substantial experience advising clients regarding negotiating and drafting loan modification agreements, short sale agreements, forbearance agreements, settlement agreements and other alternatives to litigation.       

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