Commercial Litigation

SGL’s Commercial Litigation Practice Group is expansive and encompasses all elements of the work it performs on behalf of its commercial clients, particularly in default and collection related issues but also in advising clients on suggested best practices and prevention of default situations before they arise. As with every engagement SGL undertakes, it partners with the client from the initial contact and analysis of the dispute or action and undertakes to guide the client to a just and desired result.

SGL’s commercial litigation attorneys keep abreast of the latest developments in the areas of law in which they practice whether it be banking, landlord-tenant, debt collection or any other commercial setting in which a client may need assistance. We will analyze the facts of the underlying dispute, research applicable claims or defenses and fashion advice regarding a cost effective strategy specifically tailored to the facts of each case we undertake and all advice we provide.  To effectuate the strategy that has been formulated with the respective client, we will use all applicable legal and equitable remedies to advance our clients’ interests. 

At SGL, while we are litigators by nature and trade, we understand that not all matters and situations faced by our commercial clients are candidates for litigation due to various factors which may arise at any point from the time of engagement throughout the course of our representation of the client. In furtherance of this understanding, we have expansive experience with negotiating and drafting lien instruments, repayment arrangements and structured settlement agreements to secure the client’s desired result without the monetary and temporal expense of litigation.

However, in those instances where there is no middle ground which can be reached between the parties or other alternative which satisfies the client’s desires and directives, SGL will institute litigation to seek redress of the client’s damages. We routinely appear in the courts across our footprint on behalf of our commercial clients to seek to obtain judicial relief through appropriate motion practice, discovery tactics, depositions, trials and appellate practice. 

In keeping with our founding focus, SGL provides high quality representation at costs that are economical to our commercial clients. We treat all matters with the same level of attention regardless of size or scope.  

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