Personal and Commercial Debt Collection

SGL’s Personal and Commercial Debt Collection Practice Group focuses on the representation of clients with debts arising from a multitude of commercial settings. Whether the client is a large, complex business organization involved in a business-to-business dispute or a small company seeking payment for services rendered, our approach remains the same.  Our goal is to recover debts owed to our clients in the most cost effective, and often, creative manner.  

As with all of its engagements, SGL partners with its clients to formulate and implement the appropriate strategy to not only obtain a judgment in the client’s favor but to turn that judgment into actual dollars in the client’s pocket. After all, we realize that obtaining a judgment is a critical step in the collections process but the ability and tenacity to effectively collect the judgment debt is every bit as critical a component of the art form we are versed in at SGL.  SGL’s attorneys have substantial experience advising and prosecuting litigation geared towards the one goal that is most important and crucial to the client – collection of the balance due.  SGL’s Personal and Commercial Debt Collection Practice Group will use all the tools at their disposal to not only obtain a judgment in favor of the client but also to seek collection of the sums found due. 

SGL’s team has extensive experience prosecuting all manners of collection litigation and utilizing all attendant procedures to both secure and bring in the sums due to its clients. Whether it is an application for prejudgment remedy to attach assets prior to institution of litigation or the use of executions, the examination of judgment debtor procedure and/or judgment liens after entry of judgment, SGL will undertake all actions required to advance the client’s interest and benefit in pursuit of collection actions. 

SGL attorneys have “big firm” pedigree, but our business platform allows us small firm agility. We partner with our clients to establish cost-effective fee arrangements that work for both our clients and our firm. Whether utilizing standard hourly based billing or more creative approaches such as contingency or hybrid billing, we work with our clients to find a fee structure that works. After all, it is not lost on SGL that, as a creditor’s counsel, we are not retained to compound a situation in which a client is already owed a debt by accruing further fees and costs under the auspices of pursuit of the balance due.

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